Ultimate African Wildlife Photo Safaris

Chobe, Botswana – Zimanga, South Africa

June 22 – July 2, 2016 and September 7 – 17, 2016

AMHE595 African elephant at dusk, Chobe

Join us for an amazing two centre photo safari taking in Botswana’s Chobe River, one of Africa’s premier wildlife photographic destinations, and Zimanga, a private game reserve dedicated to photography in South Africa’s game-rich Zululand region.

Capture images of iconic big game and bird species up close from the water on specially-adapted photo boats in Botswana. Then photograph from low-level, state-of-the-art photo hides, designed by multi award-winning BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Bence Máté, in South Africa’s exciting new Zimanga reserve, the first wild game reserve in Africa designed specifically for wildlife photography.

ABEE50 African fish eagle fishing

We’ve designed this safari to appeal to keen wildlife photographers who will relish spending lots of time with great subjects and exploiting the unique photographic opportunities afforded by the custom-designed boats and hides. Whether you’re an old Africa hand or a first time safari-goer, you’ll enjoy superb opportunities for great images and memorable wildlife encounters. To ensure the best possible photography, we’re strictly limiting numbers to six guests.

AMHH76 Hippo

What sets this photo safari apart from typical land-based safaris is our use of a custom-designed boat on the Chobe that allows us to get very close to the wildlife and shoot from a low viewpoint, just inches above water level.

Then in  Zimanga we’ll be combining excellent traditional game viewing from open safari vehicles, with photography from purpose-built water-level hides that have been  constructed with the utmost care to ensure the lighting, focal lengths and backgrounds can produce stunning images of drinking animals, whether large mammals like elephants or tiny birds.

For full details of this unique safari, visit www.toonphoto.com/safari.

AMHE584  Elephant herd at dawn

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