About Ann and Steve

BPS08 Steve & Ann, Tankwa KarooYou’ll spot us easily – at home or abroad. We’re the married couple bickering endlessly over nothing much, hidden under unflattering hats, weighed down with assorted technology and camera gear and grotty-looking, guano-stained bean bags as we head off in search of the myriad pictures and stories on our ‘to do’ list, plus the elusive extra special stuff we’re eternally on the look-out for…

As a business plan or viable career path our chosen vocation (wildlife photojournalism with a dash of ecotourism) doesn’t really stack up. But, at least it’s quite exciting. We have a base in Northumberland National Park in the UK, where we have put down roots, but our main ‘office’ and, to be honest, our hearts, are in the wild bits of southern Africa where we try to be as often and for as long as our scant funds and client commitments will allow.

How did we get here? The short answer is that we took a sabbatical, ditched the day jobs as journalists in London, let out our flat, and went on safari in Africa for six months. We never really came back from that trip having made a drunken plan one night under canvas in the Kalahari that somehow we’d find a way to make falling asleep to the whoops of hyenas and rumble of lions a permanent fixture in our life.

How did our plan work out? Well you can take a look at the sort of stuff we do today on our regular website or dip into this blog about our latest adventures with tales, tips, recommendations, advice and chat about our travels, photography, the destinations we visit, the amazing animals and people we meet and the conservation stories we cover both at home and in the African bush. Hope you enjoy following us here – we’d love to get your feedback…

2 thoughts on “About Ann and Steve”

  1. Hi Ann & Steve

    Great blog you’re putting together here – I’m sure you will see us around here often! Maybe we’ll even cross paths in one of South Africa’s wild places…

    All the best

    Dries, de Wets Wild

    1. Hi Dries
      Great to hear from you and we’ll look out for you guys on our travels…
      Blog has been a bit quiet for the past few weeks as we’ve been on the road and without internet access for most of the time. Looking forward to making up for lost time now with lots of posts based on the trip.
      Steve (& Ann)

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